“A Palace within the Palace”

Palace Suites Heritage Hotel is a 4 story building situated in one of the most important locations in the City. Full project has recently been completed with the installation of a glass elevator and 4 new penthouse suites, making a total of 14 exclusive suites. The Main Square, locally known as the “Pjaca” is full of history, architecture, including Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance, Classicist, Art Nouveau. For centuries the “Pjaca” has been the central stage of city life. Just a few meters from the hotel is the Iron Gate, one of 4 magnificent gate entrances to the original Palace.

Split, Croatia has become a popular vacation destination, particularly Diocletian´s Palace, a 30,000 square meter 1700 year old Roman Palace under the protection of UNESCO as a registered site of cultural heritage. The Palace is the area which is lacking in high-end tourist accommodation as new construction is banned due to the heritage designation.

Palace Suites is ideally located on the People´s Square, the ˝City Center˝, a cultural paradise. From the windows facing the Main Square of these luxurious suites one can see:

  • The famous Iron Gate, the West Gate entrance to the original Palace
  • Morpugo bookstore of 1860.
  • Emperor Diocletian´s mausoleum – the Cathedral of Split, St. Duje
  • Gothic Bell House that was built above the fort in the 15th century
  • Renaissance Clock, the City Clock, also seen above the fort (one of the oldest bell towers in Croatia)
  • Communal Palace, formerly the City Council Building, with its Gothic arches, the building next door to the Palace Suites, now the Ethnographic Museum, often housing special art exhibits and live performances throughout the year.
  • The late Romanesque Ciprian de Ciprianis Palace from 1394
  • The Renaissance Pavlovic Palace in the south side of the Square from the 16th century
  • The Nakic House, in decadent Vienna Secession style 1902
  • Karepeic Palace, 16th century
  • Cambi Palace, 15th century
  • Small church, St. Theodore, dedicated to the Protector of the Byzantine army
  • Split City Museum in the 15th Century Papalic Palace
  • The little church of our Lady of Belfry from the 11th century (the oldest pre-Romanesque belfry on our side of the Adriatic)
  • Numerous lively cafe bars and a variety of shops

The Nobles of Split produced an Opera in 1750. in the city theater situated in the Town Hall on the Square. Split has became a leading cultural center, showcasing the works of the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, painter Emanuel Vidovic and the home of many composers and writers. Even Sigmund Freud lived in Split, a few steps away from Palace Suites Heritage Hotel.

The city clock has been ticking for centuries on the Pjaca, unique by its 24 instead of 12 digits. In the surrounding caffe’s, restaurants and bars the people of Split and visitors can always find a place to rest, meet, be seen and see others. Every building on the Pjaca has it’s story, each is a witness of history and the spirit of the city.

Construction of Palace Suites

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